Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Service

Whatever the problem, we'll take care of it!

At CSS NW Ltd, we want to make your life easier, taking care of the maintenance of your air conditioning and appliances, so you can focus on your work, or if at home, get back to the relaxation you deserve.

Our experienced and friendly team of engineers will provide regular servicing, ensuring that everything is running as it should be. We'll make sure the temperatures of your air conditioning and appliances are all in order, too, so you can enjoy feeling comfortable in your surroundings.

Whether it's an office, a store, a hotel, or your own home – wherever you need our services, no place is too big or too small, too personal or too professional.



We understand that everyone's needs are different, and that everyone's budget varies depending on the client, which is why we tailor our maintenance packages especially to suit you.




At CSS NW, we pride ourselves on our integrity and honesty to our job, and to our customers, which is why if there's a way we can save you money, we will.

Before sending out one of our talented engineers to fix whatever maintenance problem you may be having, we will endeavour to help you resolve the issue over the phone first. If the problem can't be fixed so easily, we will then send out an on-call professional engineer to help.